In the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, Stanislas Guerini is brandishing the Le Maire card to win over the right-wing electorate – liberation


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The Minister for Public Service, who finished second behind the Nupes in the first round of general elections, is counting on candidate LR, who finished third on Sunday, to carry over the vote and win.

About a hundred people toast in the sun Thursday night outside Quebecium, a Canadian bar in the capital’s 17th arrondissement. It’s 7.30pm and the Minister for Public Service, Stanislas Guerini, candidate for the general elections in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, has to rush to a public meeting in the blink of an eye, accompanied by Bruno the mayor. Everything is ready on site. The kakemono is installed. The connected speaker. A few moments later, the two members of the government are finally there in their prettiest white shirts. The small amount then divides into two parts. Nothing to do with a messianic gesture: Of the many hundreds present, a good half are not there at all to hear the wanderer. “We are an association bringing together French people living in Canada and future expats”, emphasizes Julie. So rather sip a drink on the terrace than discuss legislation with macronists.

That’s why Stanislas Guerini starts in front of fifty sympathizers “Total Mobilization” Walkers from the constituency three days before the second round of general elections. Sunday, The incumbent finished second six points behind Nupes’ environmental candidate, Léa

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