“I’m afraid for my job”: Angèle reacts to a song of hers, sung by … an artificial intelligence

A new track by Angèle has been talked about since its release on Monday 7th August. And with good reason: the same strength of voice, the same tone… Everything indicates that this is a song by the Belgian artist. But in reality, this “wrong” piece is the result of an artificial intelligence. The singer responded on social media…

SI artificial intelligence can impress us and make life easier (thanks ChatGPT), but it can also be… quite scary. The time has recently come singer Angela who paid for it. On Monday, August 7th, many fans of the Belgian artist thought it was a good surprise when they discovered a new, unreleased track by their idol that was broadcast on social networks.

It is about one cover of the song saiyaninterpreted by the rappers Heuss the bastard And petrol, released June 2. in just a few hours, The song and its clip went viral on the internet. The only problem: We don’t hear Angèle, but an artificial intelligence.