Guy Nantel strikes again with another of his crisp vox pops

Guy Nantel took to the streets to try to “miraculously solve the teacher shortage” thanks to a new vox pop in which he hands out “teaching permits” to adults. The comedian answers our questions.

While the Minister of Education Bernard Drainville mentioned at the beginning of the school year that “the goal is to have an adult in all classes,” Guy Nantel decided to do his part by distributing “teaching permits” to adults who were willing to do so answer his general knowledge Vox Pop.

The comedian and former Parti Québécois leadership candidate himself noticed this teacher shortage while in high school. “In secondary school 3, I had 18 teachers for just one lesson in one year! Today the problem seems to have gotten worse,” admits Guy Nantel.

Given the responses received in this vox pop, can any adult take the position of teacher? “Hmm. It’s both funny and disheartening,” comments Guy Nantel.

“We spoke to around fifteen people around the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQÀM). They are all volunteers. Once people see me with a microphone, they generally flock around me to respond! » explains the comedian with amusement.

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There are colorful, surprising and very often wrong answers.

“Vox-pop conveys a magnification effect of reality. The fact is, I’m not making these answers up, they’re there, they’re real. To people who tell me it’s fixed, I tell them, “Do it. Ask questions of the people around you. “We’ll see what kind of reaction people will have,” he explains.

After releasing this vox pop, Guy Nantel wants to add some nuance. “I don’t blame the Ministry of Education or the teachers. I think people tend to only be interested in what is immediately useful to them in life. They are not interested in what lies on the edge of their immediate universe. They don’t ask questions. So when we confront them with this knowledge in a vox pop, these funny moments arise! »

However, does he have any solutions to suggest to address this shortage of teachers? “I’ll let the politicians talk about that!” »

The answers in the spotlight

With his microphone decorated with the colors of his fake political party, the Guy Nantel Party, the comedian first asked for the name of Quebec’s education minister.

While some seemed to stumble over the phonetics of the minister’s last name, none of them mentioned Bernard Drainville.

In geography

“Name me a country whose name begins with “Africa”,” asks Guy Nantel.

“Africa is a country,” explains a lady confidently, who then questions herself for long seconds when Guy Nantel asks her to indicate which continent this country is on.

A young man also said: “North Africa is one country”.

Guy Nantel then presented a map of Canada that no one could identify. Several mentioned that the map showed Quebec instead.

Recording from YouTube | Guy Nantel

The comedian had a field day as he then asked to indicate where Gaspésie or even Estrie was. The speakers’ assumptions were very far from the mark.

When Guy Nantel asks which country is south of Canada, we hear “Europe,” “Russia,” and even “Greenland.”

One respondent was even influenced by a passerby shouting “Mexico, Mexico, Mexico.”

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Guy Nantel also asked a future teacher to spell the word SPELL.

This young man said he had difficulty with spelling, a skill he “wouldn’t ask him to have.” [futurs] Students “.

Guy Nantel strikes again with another of his crisp vox pops

Recording from YouTube | Guy Nantel

History of Quebec

According to answers to a question about First Nations, the Iron Qui and the Indians are two of Quebec’s 11 indigenous communities.

Worse, “Ottawa” would be the capital of Quebec, “English” would be the official language, and “Abraham Lincoln” would have won the Battle of the Abraham Plains.

Guy Nantel strikes again with another of his crisp vox pops

Recording from YouTube | Guy Nantel

Fortunately, according to Guy Nantel’s criteria, all participants received their “teaching permit” – because the only requirement was being of legal age.

Guy Nantel strikes again with another of his crisp vox pops

Recording from YouTube | Guy Nantel

Show dates through September 2024 are available on the comedian’s website

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