Google will open its first data center in Japan in 2024

After opening the first office in Japan in 2001 in Shibuya, a district of Tokyo, Google wants to go further Installing its first data center in the country in 2024.

A new data center in Chiba for Google

in one blog entry written by Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, we can read that the Mountain View company is about to open its very first data center in Japan, in the town of Inzai, Chiba City. According to the Google boss This will give the Japanese faster and more reliable access to our tools and services that support economic activity and employment, and connect Japan to the rest of the global digital economy “. The construction of this data center in Chiba is part of a global investment of 730 million euros in cloud infrastructures.

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This strategy includes the development of an undersea cable between Japan and Southeast Asia. Another called Topaz will connect Japan to the west coast of Canada. Through this investment, Google says it wants continue to support Japanese companies, particularly with its Tokyo campus, which is home to several startups and helps Japanese creators develop new types of businesses. Many are motivated by solving social and economic problems, such as getting help with medical diagnoses or improving access to education.

Google’s cloud division recorded a plus of 35% in the third quarter of 2022 Reach $6.3 billion. With this new investment in Japan, Google reportedly wants to help the Japanese ” learn the skills they need to use technology with confidence “. The company states that since 2019 “ We’ve supported 10 million people in Japan through Grow with Google and adapted our training programs for people and businesses impacted by the pandemic “.

This announcement comes days after Google’s announcement the construction of a data center in South Africa and the development of an R&D center in Nairobi, Kenya, the first in Africa. Cloud Interconnect locations will also emerge in Lagos, Cape Town and Johannesburg to “ Connect local area networks to Google infrastructure “. The American giant also plans to develop new cloud infrastructures in Malaysia, Thailand and New Zealand in the coming years.

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