Geneviève Brouillette will star in a new TV series

Best known for her role in District 31, Geneviève Brouillette is set to star in a new series soon.

In fact, she is part of the cast of the new TV series The Candidate, which also stars Catherine Chabot.

In this series, Catherine Chabot plays Alix Mongeau, a nail designer who enters politics after being asked to become a candidate for office. Though she thought she had no chance of winning, she was eventually chosen.

Here is the synopsis of the new series:

“Alix Mongeau, single mother, nail designer, is about to celebrate her 30th birthday with a general sense of dissatisfaction with her life that is going nowhere. Despite her complete inexperience and complete disinterest in politics, as a favor to a friend, she accepts that she is running for a job in a county where she has no chance of winning. Or so he was told. Basically, we explain to her, all she has to do is put herself in pole position for the party to present candidates in the 125 Ridings of Quebec.

Against all odds, thanks to a scandal and a wind of dissatisfaction with the party in power, like 34 other MPs from the PPDQ (Parti Progrès et Démocratie du Québec), Alix won her election in Dufferin, a ride she doesn’t see on the map was able to find a job she doesn’t know, doesn’t care about, and doesn’t have the skills for.

Pushed into the political arena, Alix at work discovers her job, a new culture, politics, and her county as an environmental scandal brews that will be her baptism of fire to manage. She drags her loved ones into her new life and the clash between her new world and her old will not be smooth. »

The series will also star Christian Bégin, Alex Godbout, Éric Bernier, Geneviève Alarie, Hugo Dubé, Inès Talbi, Isabelle Vincent, Lily-Rose Loyer, Louis Champagne, Maka Kotto, Mireille Métellus, Noé Lira, Olivier Gervais-Courchesne, Patrick – Emmanuel Abellard, Roger Leger and Valérie Tellos.

Here is a picture of the cast:

This new series is written by Isabelle Langlois, who also wrote the scripts for the Rumeurs, Mauvais karma and Lâcher Prize series.

The candidate will be divided into 10 episodes of 60 minutes and will be broadcast on ICI Extra in 2024.

We can’t wait to see what this new series has in store for us and to find Geneviève Brouillette on our small screen!

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