Former Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn opposes the electoral redistribution project

According to the former flag-bearer of Canada’s Conservative Party, this type of grouping causes voters to lose interest in politics and institutions as they feel let down by integration into another constituency.

Unfortunately, laws are enacted to adjust the number of people in a county without regard to local reality and community of interest. Alexis Brunelle-Duceppe MP said that was nonsense and I totally agree. If you take communities like Hébertville, L’Ascension, Saint-Ludger-de-Milot and Saint-Stanislas and include them in Jonquière, you can imagine that these people rarely come here to Jonquière he expressed in an interview on the show It’s never the same.

The MP’s work would also become more complex due to the size of the territory and the dichotomies between the issues of each sector.

If these communities eventually come into riding, the member will also work for these people, but it is obvious that there is no community of interest. »

A quote from Jean-Pierre Blackburn, former MP and Conservative Minister

In 2006, when he was elected and became Minister, Jean-Pierre Blackburn’s Jonquière equestrian center became Jonquière-Alma, following a consolidation aimed at eliminating a federal equestrian center at Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

This is so contradictory that one sometimes wonders whether Charlesbourg will not be added to Jonquière in order to reach the number of more or less 100,000 voters. »

A quote from Jean-Pierre Blackburn

According to him, the effects of such a redistribution would be fatal.

The citizens of Lac-Saint-Jean who fall in Jonquière hardly know their deputy. when will they see it There is a kind of disinterest on the part of the citizens towards politics, which gradually and insidiously sets in. At some point, people lose trust in their institutions he complains.

A public consultation will take place in mid-September. Elected officials can make their voices heard on the federal government’s proposed redistribution project. According to Jean-Pierre Blackburn, the members of this commission must stop clinging to the fact that the number of voters in a given race must reach more or less 100,000.

We want members not just to be heard, to be listened to so that we can better address our realities concludes the former deputy

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