Five Palestinians were killed in clashes with the Israeli army in the West Bank

Five Palestinians were killed in clashes with Israeli forces in the Tulkarem sector in the north of the occupied West Bank, the director of the local hospital announced on Tuesday, November 14. These are five men between the ages of 21 and 29 who were killed during an Israeli army operation in the city and camp of Tulkarem. The Israeli army confirmed an operation in that sector of the occupied West Bank without immediately giving reasons or commenting on Palestinian casualties. Follow our live stream.

Thousands of Palestinians are stuck in hospital. Israeli tanks crowd the gates of Al Chifa Hospital, Headquarters in the Gaza Strip, viewed by the IDF as a Hamas strategic hideout. “The situation is very serious, it is inhumane”Doctors Without Borders alerted.

American warning. Joe Biden called on Israel on Monday to protect the main hospital in Gaza, near which fighting is taking place between the Israeli army and Hamas militants. “I hope and expect less intrusive measures regarding the hospital” Al-Chifa, said the American president. “The hospital needs to be protected.”

Identity of hostage confirmed. The Israeli army has confirmed the identity of a female soldier held hostage by Hamas after the Palestinian Islamist movement released a video showing the young woman in captivity. This is the first time that the army has confirmed the identity of one of the approximately 240 people taken hostage by the Islamist movement.

New assessment. The Israeli army announced the deaths of two new soldiers in fighting in the Gaza Strip, bringing to 46 the total number of its soldiers killed in Palestinian territory since the start of the war with Hamas, which rules there. For its part, the Hamas government says 11,240 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli bombings since October 7. Franceinfo could not verify these reports on site.

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