Fatal knife attack in Canada: One of the suspects found dead with traces of injuries

One of the two suspected perpetrators of the massacre in Canada that caused the deaths of 10 people on Sunday September 4 was found dead in one of the locations where the killings were committed.

After the knife attacks in Canada in the province of Saskatchewan, in which ten people were killed and 18 injured, two men had been actively searched for since Sunday.

The two suspects, who are believed to be brothers, were introduced as Damien Sanderson and Myles Sanderson. They are considered armed and dangerous and police issued a wanted notice accompanied by a description of the two men.

This Monday, September 5, police announced they had discovered the body of one of the suspects, reported by Damien Sanderson AFP quoted by Le Monde. The body showed signs of injury and the Deputy Commissioner for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said it was difficult to say “how Damian died but he could have been killed by his brother”.

Second suspect still at large

The second suspect still wanted is Myles Sanderson, 35 years old according to AFP (the day before, other sources had presented him as 30 years old). He is still considered “armed and dangerous,” Regina’s police chief said.

Latest scheduled update for tonight barring any new information. The search for Myles Sanderson continues. Our investigation will continue throughout the night and until he is found or taken into safe custody. Please take the time to review this brief update. https://t.co/mFUSB1BzOQ

— Chef Evan Bray (@evanjbray) September 6, 2022

Evan Bray also wanted to reassure the residents of the places attacked, recalling that no other attack has been reported since Sunday and that the children returning to school on Tuesday do not appear to be targets in this case.

At the same time, he calls on the community to be vigilant and to come forwardany unusual facts or information that may help you resolve the situation quickly.

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