Engineers trained abroad no longer need Canadian experience

Ontario Secretary of Labor Monte McNaughton announced Tuesday the removal of that requirement, a decision that will change the gamehe says, and will make it possible to fill around 7,000 vacancies.

The regulator states that 60% of the license applicants reviewed by the regulator were educated abroad.

The minister said the College of Professional Engineers was the first regulator to remove the requirement since the province enacted legislation banning 30 regulated professions from requiring it.

Occupations related to health are excluded.

Still, according to the minister, the requirement of work experience in Canada is the requirement biggest obstacle for immigrants looking for a well-paid job.

Currently, many newcomers must first take jobs unrelated to their actual skills, and for which they are often underpaid, to gain work experience in Canada before they can qualify for work in their training field.

Monte McNaughton expects other organizations to follow suit before the end of the year deadline.

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