End of career in Montreal for Patrick Kane?

Star Patrick Kane, the first-ever pick in the 2007 amateur draft by the Chicago Blackhawks, is clearly ready to return to the game soon.

After undergoing hip surgery last June following a much less productive season due to the injury he had carried for several seasons, Kane turns 35 in nine days and, in his opinion, certainly has a few good seasons left in his Body in front of him agent. , Pat Brisson.

Kane is a free agent and can play with any team he wants, as he was traded to the New York Rangers at the trade deadline last season after spending his entire career with the Chicago Blackhawks organization.

Kane has three Stanley Cup rings, a Conn Smythe Trophy, a Calder Trophy, an Art Ross Trophy, a Hart Trophy and a Ted Lindsay Trophy.

He has 1,237 points, including 451 goals, in 1,180 National League games. He scored 53 goals and 138 points in 143 playoff games, an impressive playoff total.

Rumor has it that Kane has narrowed down the list of teams he wants to sign with to four or five. These teams would all be in the Eastern Conference.

Of course, the Sabers from his hometown of Buffalo have their eye on him and Kane isn’t saying no… The Rangers, with whom he spent last season, would also be in the running, as would the Panthers of the Florida, where Kane has affinities . The Detroit Red Wings would also be among those interested.

A plateau, then retirement

Kane definitely has his eyes on the 500 career goal mark. He will seek a contract to finish the current season and probably add at least two, ideally three, which would make him 38 years old and in all likelihood retired.

At this point you should definitely see me coming…

Without even wondering whether Kane, a Buffalo-born American, would like to play in Canada, I want to dream a little as the weekend begins.

The Canadian has a clear and precise plan, that’s true. But Kent Hughes has sometimes revealed in certain interviews that his plan included the idea of ​​incorporating a great natural talent into his training, a star player who can “change the game.”

Kane is a left-handed bat who plays on the right side. When I close my eyes and imagine Kane complementing Nick Suzuki in the middle and “Goal” Caufield on the left, I have a lot of fun.

I smile and dream of the prolific Kane donning the iconic, predominantly red Canada jersey on a Saturday night at the Temple…

It’s not hard for me to recreate the sound of the crowd jumping and screaming after Kane raced into the top corner.

I hear Michel Lacroix add more from here: “The Canadian’s goal, his first goal of the season, scored by number 88, the Canadiens’ goal, his first goal of the season, scored by number 88…Patrick Kane!!! »

Obviously I’m dreaming… obviously I shouldn’t even allow myself to do that, obviously we were born for fun here in Montreal and can’t think of making sandwiches for everyone anymore.

Photo credit: Martin Chevalier / JdeM

Left, middle

At the same time, our Vice President Hockey is an American: Jeff Gorton. Our CEO, Kent Hughes, has a very strong American streak…

Our coach has offices throughout the United States.

And our elite scorer was born in Wisconsin.

Oh yes, we shouldn’t forget Vincent Lecavalier, whose mission includes, among other things, carrying out lobbying missions in favor of the Canadian through the national league.

Well, I’m definitely dreaming and I won’t be fooled. The odds of seeing Patrick Kane in a Canadian uniform are about one in a thousand. And myself.

But if you don’t risk anything, you get nothing. If I were Kent Hughes, I would prepare an entire “pitch.” Montreal needs additional talent. Kane will only be here in five, six or seven years; after the current one, he will play a maximum of three more seasons.

If I were Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton, I would try the big thing: lure Patrick Kane and his magical hands with the Canadian to finish his career there.

Imagine Patrick Kane scoring the 500th goal of his illustrious career with the Canadian!

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