Elisabeth Borne postpones her official visit to Canada

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne was due to travel to Canada on April 19. PoPool/ABACAol

LE FIGARO INFO – In order to break the political impasse she has landed in with the pension reform, the prime minister prefers not to stay away from France.

After Charles III’s visit to France was postponed. a second diplomatic meeting fell victim to the political situation in France. As has been learned, the Prime Minister will not be visiting Canada on April 19 Le figaro Monday from multiple government sources. This shift is “Postponed by a few weeks given the national context”, confirms Matignon, who wants to hold it next month. The government has communicated this to the Canadian authorities.

Elisabeth Borne has been announced on the other side of the Atlantic for “France-Quebec crossover meetings” as well as for talks with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa.

The head of government is waiting for the conclusions of the Constitutional Council on pension reform, which will be announced next Friday. Then, at the end of the week, she was due to meet with the head of state to propose a legislative agenda and a method by which future texts could be adopted despite the lack of an absolute majority in the National Assembly.

Crucial meetings as speculation about Elisabeth Borne’s replacement upset the majority. In this context, “I haven’t seen her go abroad at the moment”entrusts an adviser to the executive branch.

Manuel Valls is the last French Prime Minister to pay an official visit to Canada in October 2016. At one point Jean Castex is considering, a travel plan had been postponed three times due to the health crisis.

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