Elections Quebec 2022 | The PLQ provides better support for people with disabilities and their families

Liberal leader Dominique Anglade ensured maximum visibility on Wednesday by being the only one to hold public activities while her opponents were all in seclusion in preparation for Thursday night’s debate.

Visiting a support center for families with a disabled person in Saint-Lambert on Montreal’s south coast, she announced that a Liberal government would set up a Disability and Autism Secretariat to “give more people a voice than a million people.” who live with a disability”.

At his side, the Liberal candidate in Laporte, Mathieu Gratton, made a lively plea in favor of this clientele. “Even if people with disabilities won’t vote, even if people with autism won’t vote in the majority, even if people with intellectual disabilities won’t vote, as a society we must work to restore their simpler lives,” he said.

Ms Anglade also proposes setting up a commission of experts to examine the reality of the transition to adulthood and old age, an adult life in which very often people with disabilities are supported by their families.

For the latter, the Liberal Party wants to improve the almost non-existent relief offer. Proposals also include an offer of subsidized internships in companies and the creation of a photo ID for people who do not have a driver’s license.

Mathieu Gratton also slammed François Legault’s pledge last week to invest $100 million to create 500 places in recreation centers for minors and adults with disabilities.

“The announcement made by the CAQ last week means nothing to me and the local people,” he said, regretting the lack of community consultation and stressing that only 500 spots means only 30 spots per region.

Contrary to his party

Ms Anglade was invited again to explain her desire for reform of the electoral system, which she had expressed in an interview the previous day. However, a September 13 letter from his own party to the New Democracy Movement, copied to Radio-Canada, says the exact opposite, that PLQ does not support the idea.

“More than 60% of the people do not want François Legault as prime minister. What do we do together as Quebecers? She wondered. When asked that her party was not on her side at all, she replied that “a leader’s role is precisely that” to spot problems and get his troops to confront them.

However, she was careful not to go so far as to commit to implementing such a reform when she comes to power.

“I wish I could fix the distortions somehow, but I don’t have a specific answer for you today. What you have from me and for all citizens today is an opening for that conversation,” she said.

Québec solidaire and the Parti Québécois have already advocated such reform, which outgoing Prime Minister François Legault brushed aside, saying it was not among his party’s or the people’s priorities.

Ms Anglade planned to devote herself to preparing for the debate during the day on Thursday and part of the day on Wednesday, but she was also equipped with two other mediums.

However, she refused to take advantage of her opponents’ withdrawal to occupy the entire space in public space and asserted that she wanted to advance her ideas first. “We are not running a chamomile campaign! We want to talk about issues on the eve of the debate. There is a preparation that has begun and will continue today and tomorrow. »

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