Desjardins supports the Trois-Rivières Health Foundation as part of Pink October Month

In line with its cooperative designation and the company’s values, the Caisse has, for several years, offered its various teams the opportunity to organize fundraising events together with their colleagues to support a cause close to their hearts. . As part of the week of collaboration that takes place annually within the cooperatives in Quebec and in particular at Desjardins, and as part of World Breast Cancer Day on October 19, Amélie, an employee who herself suffered from breast cancer a few years ago, was honored in front of her colleagues to testify.

“When we know that one in eight Canadian women will be affected by it in their lifetime, and that only in our foundation are a certain number of women affected by this disease, not to mention the impact on family and loved ones, then I found it important to raise awareness among the Fund’s teams on the prevention and screening of breast cancer, but also on the importance of being attentive and vigilant to any type of change in our body in order to react quickly and thus increase the chances of success of the treatment. I am proof of that,” said Amélie.

Thanks to the dedication and generosity of the ever-present staff, an unprecedented fundraising event was held, bringing together a record number of participants to support a good cause. On World Breast Cancer Day, they wore $5 or $10 for a minimum donation of pink and/or jeans. It was a real pink wave that swept over the fund that day.

The total amount of the Fondation Santé Trois-Rivières project is $52,000. The Foundation’s goal is to offer the magnetic resonance imaging service to 100-150 users annually at the Regional Affiliated University Hospital Center (CHAUR) in Trois-Rivières, who are currently automatically transferred to Quebec or Montreal. This allows women to save working hours, time at home with their families and money for travel.

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