Departure of an oncologist from CHU Dumont, affecting almost 195 patients

Dumont University Hospital in Moncton is losing another oncologist less than two years after a wave of departures. According to Vitalité, almost 195 patients are affected.

Radio-Canada Acadie has learned that an oncologist at the facility is leaving her position. She is the fifth cancer treatment specialist to leave the company since summer 2021.

We confirm the departure of an oncologist after the end of the contract. An extension agreement could not be concludedstates Vitalité Health Network in a statement provided by Dr. Anick Pelletier, associate vice president for medical affairs.

Vitalité announces that measures are being taken to ensure that this oncologist’s patients continue their treatments.

Nearly 195 patients are referred to other oncologists. An updated care plan is created for each of them to ensure continuity of the care provided to them. All affected patients will be contactedwe read in the network’s statement.

A fifth departure since summer 2021

This departure brings the number of oncologists who have left the company to five University hospital Dumont since summer 2021.

In the spring of 2022, within a few weeks, three specialists announced that they were leaving their positions. Several hundred patients were affected.

At that time, the CEO of the Vitalité Health Network, Dr. France Desrosiers, of industrial relationsa bit difficult And Dissatisfaction with working conditions and pay within the oncology department.

Then-health minister Dorothy Shephard – who has since been replaced by Bruce Fitch – and opposition parties had expressed concern about the departures.

Moncton Hospital, managed by Horizon Health Network, helped. Vitalité hired an oncologist at the end of 2022 and aims to recruit more. The situation appeared to have stabilized since then.

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