Departure by Lisa LaFlamme | Several Canadian personalities have criticized Bell Media

(Toronto) – Several figures in English Canada have signed an open letter to slam Bell Media following the abrupt departure of CTV host Lisa LaFlamme.

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The letter, signed by several big names in art, politics and business, including Margaret Norrie McCain, Anne Murray and Jim Balsillie, was published on a double page spread on Saturday. globe and mail.

The signers write that Lisa LaFlamme was considered one of the company’s rating assets until one thing changed: her hair color.

The letter is addressed to the Board of Directors of BCE and Bell Canada. According to the signers, the presenter’s departure at the peak of her career underscores the sexism and ageism women continue to face in the workplace.

The “business decision” destroyed the trust of these personalities in Bell Media. They wonder how the company “will be able to fix its mistakes.”

The letter comes the day after Bell Media released an internal memo that revealed Michael Melling, vice president of news, is taking immediate time off to spend time with his family.

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