Cole Caufield deserves a Happy Birthday to Nick Suzuki

The Canadians’ captain, Nick Suzuki, is celebrating his 24th birthday on Thursday and his inseparable pal Cole Caufield didn’t want to hide the whole thing on social media.

The No. 22 in the Habs, regularly seen alongside his team-mate in several shots, posted a photo showing him in the company of Suzuki in front of a heavenly backdrop.

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The image shows the two men in golf gear holding their respective fairway woods. Under a blue sky they stand on a rock with a bluish-turquoise sea in the background. They also recently traveled to the Bahamas to soak up the sun.

The friendship between the two men seems stronger than ever, with Suzuki dubbing the American ‘little brother’ in a recent interview with website Daily Hive, which shouldn’t hurt on the ice next season.

They each failed 26 times in the 2022–23 season, but it took Caufield just 46 games to reach that plateau before undergoing shoulder surgery.

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