Case of Senegalese diplomat: The Senegalese Embassy in Canada regrets “the dissemination of false and shocking information” and provides its version of the facts.

The case of Ms. Niang, Oumou Kalsoum Sall, the Senegalese diplomat who was “humiliated and assaulted” by Canadian police continues to make headlines.

Indeed, due to the strong response from the Senegalese government, the voice of the State Department and Senegalese abroad, and the very diplomatic response of the Canadian authorities, our Radio Canada colleagues have the reasons for the police presence at the diplomat’s home.

In fact, the Senegalese diplomat owed her former landlord more than $45,000 in damages. She is said to have lived in a bungalow in Gatineau for two years, from November 2018 to October 2020, leaving behind significant damage and damage.

In response to this media venture, which it describes as “spreading false and shocking information,” the Senegalese embassy in Canada has stepped up to deliver its share of the truth. After apologizing for the partial treatment of this case, the Senegalese embassy felt that this media treatment “is a clear desire to dilute the gravity of the facts”.

In an information note to Dakaractu, the Senegalese embassy in Canada goes into detail about the problem between the diplomat and her donor. In fact, according to the embassy, ​​Ms Niang Oumou Kalsoum Sall lived in a bungalow that did not have all the amenities and had disclosed this to her landlord on multiple occasions.

Tired of the difficult conditions she was in with her family, she would have informed her landlord of her move on October 10, 2020. On that occasion she would have given the administrator the rent for the month of October, which she would have refused. The Senegalese Embassy regrets the media treatment aimed at damaging the diplomat’s reputation. However, she remains confident that the Canadian authorities will solve this whole affair as part of the investigation into “unacceptable police conduct”.

Here is the full informational note released by the Senegalese Embassy in Canada.

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