Carbine: an attack ready to strike back

To say that the Université de Montréal Carabins attack was in full swing in 2023 is an understatement.

During the eight regular season games, the unit led by coordinator Gabriel Cousineau scored 30 touchdowns and averaged 413 yards per game. Against the Vert & Or de Sherbrooke in the Quebec semifinals, she collected four majors in a 54-3 winning role.

However, the Blues’ attack failed to find the winning zone in their 12-6 victory over Laval University Rouge et Or in the Dunsmore Cup final last week.

A few days before the Uteck Cup against the Western Mustangs, no one from the Carabins has the impression that this lack of efficiency in possession will be repeated in the Canadian semifinals.

“Is this something I’m worried about? No way! We played great attacking football all year round. Every time we had slightly more difficult games, we recovered the following week,” emphasized head coach Marco Iadeluca.

“We have done too well this year for just one game to shake us up.”

Same story with quarterback Jonathan Sénécal.

“We’ve been scoring touchdowns all season. “It’s not a part that defines us,” said the pivot. We also have to give credit to Laval. They played an excellent game.”

For Cousineau, his players need to learn from what worked less well against their great rivals in the Quebec Section.

“It’s a good wake-up call to win a championship like the Dunsmore Cup without playing your best game offensively,” he said. We know we have an electrifying offense when we reach our potential.”

The stunning Jonathan Sénécal

It is impossible to talk about this “electrifying attack” without highlighting the incredible year that Sénécal has had. The Mirabellois has been very good since he played at university, but in 2023 he is on another planet.

Number 12 ranked first in all RSEQ statistical categories at its regular season position. He had 15 touchdown passes and 2,215 passing yards. He completed nearly 70% of his relays and threw just four interceptions. The 24-year-old also had 394 yards and six rushing yards.

Sénécal was named RSEQ Offensive MVP of the Week six out of eight possible times. Unsurprisingly, he was named Tour MVP.


However, don’t ask Sénécal to send flowers, it’s not in his personality.

“I’ve been playing essentially the same playbook for three years. It’s getting easier and easier. I know my measurements and feel good. I also have to highlight the work of my teammates. “They have all increased their level of play this year, which makes my job much easier,” he replied simply when asked what made him successful this year.

An injury that forced him to change

Iadeluca was more talkative than his quarterback when it came to analyzing what’s different about Sénécal this season. The veteran coach recalled that his athlete played most of his previous season with an injury that prevented him from using his legs, as he knows how to do that so well.

“This injury forced him to be more analytical. He’s learned to get by without being able to move.”


Cousineau made the same observation, adding that it allowed Sénécal to make better decisions.

“He calmed down once he was in the protective bag. […] He no longer forces the ball like he did before, the Blues’ offensive coordinator said. He takes the sack when it’s time and is much more careful with his throws.”

– The Carabins and the Mustangs meet this Saturday at 12 p.m. at CEPSUM. The fight will be broadcast on TVA Sports.

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