Canadian women accused of acting

Americans seem to have trouble digesting this their third consecutive defeat against their northern neighborsso much so that forward Abby Roque slammed the Canadians for appearing in Sunday’s Women’s Ice Hockey World Championship finals.

Minutes after beating Spine 2-1 in Herning, Denmark, Uncle Sam’s representative emptied her pocket while those of the Maple Leaf celebrated with gold on the bat.

“I think several members of their team are doing comedy,” Roque accused, whose comments were picked up by the Sportsnet network. I find that ridiculous. That’s not how we play hockey.”

“We play with aggressiveness and discipline. That is what defines us.”

One can question the legitimacy of Roque’s statements as only in the final did the Canadian team benefit from a numerical advantage over their rivals. Both teams threaded the needle once on a massive attack.


In addition, forward Taylor Heise was named the most valuable player in the women’s world. The 22-year-old center player led the tournament’s most productive session, surrounded by Alex Carpenter and Amanda Kessel.

Heise – making his debut in the tournament – has scored seven goals and 18 points in just seven games. This is her second in the history of the most points in one issue contest.

Not surprisingly, the one who plays with the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers was also named to the tournament’s all-star team alongside compatriots Caroline Harvey and Kessel.

Oddly enough, Sarah Filier is the only Canadian to have received this media award. The other recipients are Czechs Klara Peslarova and Daniela Pejsova.

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