Canadian Jews and Israel: News for a Merger

The merger of major Canadian Jewish organizations and organizations representing Israel in Canada, planned for several months, came into effect on July 1.

This comprehensive reorganization brings together under one roof the Canadian Jewish Congress, the Quebec Jewish Congress, the Canada-Israel Committee, the Quebec-Israel Committee and other university and student organizations.

The movement for this merger was initiated by the Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy (CIJA), an umbrella organization that was already working with the now united organizations. The new structure will also temporarily have the unofficial name “CIJA 2.0” until the next name is announced.

Various factors supported this regrouping, particularly financial factors – the operation made it possible to cut numerous jobs. But the union also aims to reinforce a message previously conveyed by the CIJA regarding the interests of the Jewish diaspora and the interests of Israel.

According to CIJA executive director Shimon Fogel, distinctions between Jewish domestic concerns and those of Israel are becoming “increasingly artificial.”

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