Canadian Elite Basketball League: LECB duel coaches announced

It’s Chris Exilus from Shooting Stars of Scarborough and Nelson Terroba of the Calgary Surge, who will have the honor of leading the East team and the West team, respectively, during the Canadian Elite Basketball League (CBLE) duel, which will feature 20 players from the district on August 26, in Videotron Center.

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Exilus led the Shooting Stars to championship glory that season while Terroba led the team to the Western Conference championship.

Chris Exilus will coach the East team.

Photo provided by Gestev

The LECB duel is a first in the history of the Morreale Circuit, Canada’s premier professional basketball league. A total of 10 players from Eastern teams and 10 players from Western clubs will be in action in this “star game,” which marks the LECB’s first presence in Quebec.


Nelson Terroba will be the coach of the West team.

Photo provided by Gestev

The teams will feature some of the league’s best talent, including NBA alumni, members of the Canadian Men’s National Team, NBA G League players and players from Europe’s top professional leagues.

A few weeks ago, the LECB and Quebecor announced that they were in discussions about a racetrack concession to Quebec. The circuit consists of ten members across Canada, including the Alliance, which plays in Montreal.

The LECB duel begins on August 26th at 2 p.m. Tickets are currently available on

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