Canada joins the Apostille Convention

More than 200,000 Canadian public documents are certified for use abroad each year, and this membership offers Canadians a simplified and affordable way to have their Canadian public documents accepted abroad.

Pursuant to Article 6 of the Convention, the Government of Canada has authorized the following authorities to issue the Apostille provided for in Article 3(1) of the Convention:
• Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (Canada);
• British Columbia Attorney General’s Department;
• Alberta Justice;
• the Department of Justice and the Attorney General of Saskatchewan;
• Ontario Department of Public and Business Services.

Global Affairs Canada spokesman James Emmanuel Wanki informed me that Canada has designated competent authorities for Canadian jurisdictions that have requested this and that the list of authorities is subject to change. “The need to legislate for the implementation of the Convention in a Canadian province or territory is governed by the respective laws of that province or territory.”

A very useful tool

The Apostille Handbook provides guidance on the practical implementation and application of the 1961 Apostille Convention, used tens of millions of times each year to the benefit of individuals, families and businesses around the world.

This book is intended to help all users of the Convention, including states wishing to join the Convention, the competent authorities responsible for its proper implementation and anyone wishing to benefit from an apostille.

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