Canada Jetlines signs a new lease for a second Airbus A320

Canada jet lines

The new Canadian airline Canada Jetlines is continuing on its growth course.

The LowCost has a new contract for renting a 2nde Airbus A320. The aircraft is expected to be delivered by November 30 this year, just in time for the first flights of the winter season.

“I am pleased that we have reached a definitive agreement for our second aircraft,” said Canada Jetlines CEO Eddy Doyle.

“The Airbus A320 is a fuel-efficient, narrow-body chassis that supports a high-density seating configuration. Canada Jetlines completed its licensing process last August and its maiden flight on September 22, 2022, and will use the aircraft to expand its network in time for the upcoming winter travel season. »

The aircraft is an Airbus A320-200 listed under manufacturer serial number #5995 and is powered by twin CFM56-5B4/3 engines. The aircraft cabin will feature the new Recaro 3530 seats, in-seat USB power and support for personal electronic devices.

Canada Jetlines will also install the Flymingo Box system, which will offer passengers wireless inflight entertainment.

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