Canada: Children’s Hospital Targeted by Cyber ​​Attack, Hackers Apologize

On December 18, 2022, a hacker collective attacked a children’s hospital in Toronto. But they soon apologized.

Even among criminals there are rules that must be followed. After an attack on a Toronto children’s hospital on December 18, a hacker group reportedly apologized and offered a solution to recover the stolen data numerama.

The hacker behind the attack used ransomware leased from the Lockbit group, which receives a commission for the revenue extorted through their programs.

a mistake by the hacker

However, users are prohibited from targeting a place where the lives of others are at stake.

“Encryption of institutions where corruption of files could result in death is prohibited,” its charter states.

In fact, Lockbit decided to block the hacker and make amends by providing the hospital with a tool to help them recover the stolen content.

No excuse for Corbeil-Essonnes

During the night from Saturday 20 August to Sunday 21 August 2022, the Corbeil-Essonnes (Essonne) hospital center was also the victim of a cyberattack that led to the publication of very personal data on the dark web.

However, Lockbit is also involved in the affair, in which one of its malware was used.

The group, which has not commented on the situation, could take this action against the Toronto Children’s Hospital to protect its reputation, the expert side stressed.

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