Campaign-style cleanup of the Saint-François River | Elections Quebec 2022

According to the organization, all candidates in the Sherbrooke, Saint-François and Richmond Ridings have received their invitation to this activity. As of Friday, six of them had confirmed their attendance and more confirmations are awaited.

It’s a creek cleaning activity like we normally do every Saturday morning from April to October. We decided to invite all candidates. That was the idea of ​​this particular activityexplained the director of Action Saint-François, Robert Léo Gendron.

We are all concerned about the environment and we are all made to work together. Regardless of party, people work together to improve waterways. »

A quote from Robert Léo Gendron, director of the Saint-François campaign

Just before 8am, the candidates and members of Action Saint-François start their journey from the La Grenouillère car park, located on Frontenac Street in Sherbrooke. The cleanup was scheduled to begin around 8:15 a.m. at the corner of King East Street and Brochu Street.

Some Sherbrooke councilors must also be present.

Walk the conversation

The environment and the fight against climate change are important issues for the organization. Robert Léo Gendron hopes political parties will go beyond words when they come to power.

It’s a very selling topic, so all candidates talk about it, but when it comes to investing, it’s not always the main point. […] As far as I know, and I’ve been with Action Saint-François for 25 years, we don’t get much support from those in power.he believes.

All are for virtue. It is that fun to know that there are people in politics who want to make a difference. There are some for whom it is real, others for whom it is awkward. »

A quote from Robert Léo Gendron, director of the Saint-François campaign

The head of the organization consoles himself with the growing enthusiasm of citizens for this topic, which is occupying more and more space on the political spectrum.

From my ecological point of view, I think this is a very important issue. It’s our health, it’s our living environment, the environment, so we have no choice but to take care of it. […] It’s progressing slowly, bit by bit.

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