Beautiful colors and warm weather for fall

(Montreal) Quebec experienced a warmer-than-normal summer and mild temperatures are expected to continue, according to Météomédia, which believes fall could be particularly colorful.

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Stephane Blais
The Canadian Press

The gray of autumn will have to wait because summer has not yet spoken its last word and the good weather could last for a few more weeks.

“This year the framework conditions are favorable for good weather and heat, especially for September and October,” said André Monette, head of the meteorology department at Météomédia.

“Mild temperatures are expected across Quebec, from Abitibi to Gaspésie, then Montreal to northern Quebec,” added Mr. Monette.

The weather this autumn should favor outdoor activities such as apple or pumpkin picking, but also walks in the forest, because the colors of the trees could be particularly beautiful.

“There can certainly be times when the temperatures drop, but in general it’s nice for the fall, it will be ideal for the color season. It will probably take a little longer, we are risking very beautiful colors,” indicated the meteorologist, specifying that “even if there was a well-watered summer, there was no stress. Water,” which promotes healthy trees and bright colors.

However, the second half of autumn in November and December could be interrupted by some large systems that would bring good amounts of rain, Météomédia warns.

“Autumn might be rainy, but later in the season,” said André Monette.

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