ASSE: The sale of the club has been reopened, a Canadian in the negotiation loop

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The sale of ASSE experiences a new episode. A Canadian businessman, John Chayka, would be keen to take over the Greens. A serious lead or another rumour?

dismounted to league 2 after his defeat in the second leg against AuxerreI’ACE still in the middle of a nightmare. However, the shareholders of the club Roland Romany and Bernard Caiazzo had promised the fans great news. The club has been up for sale for many months and is struggling to find an investor. But according to the latest information, a trail would emerge again. Last May, the name John Chaykaa Canadian businessman, was named among the potential future buyers of Saint Etienne. The future of the club, which was still in the dark, could finally be saved despite long months of waiting.

A complicated descent into hell

In addition to his descent into league 2 at the end of a season league 1 disastrous, theACE received three penalty points for the incidents at the Geoffroy Guichard Stadium. And the hardly reassuring start to the season is scary to watch. Disabled by this sanction, the club occupies the 19the place of league 2 with just one win in seven rounds. The worrying situation can therefore only improve, but things are struggling to turn around in the country’s favourACE. Since the end of last season, the club’s shareholders had promised a change in the club’s management. A buyer to start the rescue of the club.

John Chayka future buyer of the club?

Already in business a few months ago, John Chayka, a Canadian investor, is about to take over the club from Saint-Etienne. The latter, who is interested in buying a European football club, doesn’t have much experience in the sport, but he is the former general manager of an American hockey club. This experience also made him the youngest managing director in the history of NHL because he was only 26 years old when he took office in 2016. He could buy that in a few daysACEwhich prevents the club from fully restarting.

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