Artistic swimming: Jacqueline Simoneau takes full advantage of her break

In a hiatus in competition since the conclusion of the Tokyo Games in August 2021, artistic swimmer Jacqueline Simoneau is not closing the door on competing in the Paris 2024 Olympics.

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Simoneau was very busy with her studies in podiatry at UQTR and its many implications and wanted to take a two-year break. She will make a decision next August ahead of Canada team selection, which will take place in the fall.

“I loved my freshman year away from competition, but I kept one foot in the pool,” explains the two-time Olympian, who is spending the week in Quebec City for the World Junior Championships, where she will be the analyst for the FINA webcast plays and who appreciates the work of the organizing committee. It would be really fun to attend my 3rd games and witness the opening ceremony in Paris. I train for fun instead of 40-60 hours a week. »

training between classes

Simoneau is not afraid she will be ready if she decides to return to the competition for her third games after those in Tokyo and Rio in 2016.

“Given my experience and the amount of training, a year will be enough to come back,” she said. I would never have thought of that at the time. Anyway, I won’t come back if I’m not ready. It was clear that my studies were a priority in the two years after Tokyo. I swim in the mornings and train between classes. »

If she ever attempts a comeback, Simoneau already knows which event she’ll favor. “Priority will be the duo to give the youngest a chance to take part in the team event,” she explained. Claudia [Holzner] told me she would come back if I started competing again. »

Simoneau and Holzner swam the duo together in Tokyo. Holzner also took a break after returning from the Japanese capital.

camps around the world

Simoneau’s services are in demand. She’s coming back from a camp in Mexico where she shared her technical knowledge and choreography. She will be heading to Winnipeg after World Juniors. In Mexico she shot capsules with the title Jackie’s Ten Secrets.

“It will be on social media shortly,” she said. I have been doing camps all over the world for several years. I was mainly in Colombia, Greece and Singapore. My technical knowledge is valued. »

The two-time Olympian was elected after the Tokyo Games and sits on the Canadian Athletes Committee. She stayed in Greece, where she represented Canada at the International Olympic Academy. “I want to make a difference in sports in Canada. I’m making the most of this first summer of no competition and no intense training. As my body was used to adrenaline and surpassing itself every day, the months of September and October were difficult, but everything returned to normal. I found another passion in podiatry. I’m realizing a dream. »

Some pleasure

Simoneau fully enjoys his first experience in front of the camera.

“I love it,” she summarizes. I work with a professional [Andrea Holland]what the description does. The future for Canadian artistic swimming is bright. The girls haven’t had a chance to swim internationally for the last two years and that’s how you grow as an athlete. After the technical programs, they will feel more comfortable in the free routines. »

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