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It’s an open secret the Habs will have a tough 2022-2023 season. Expectations are low and that is normal in a period of reconstruction.

That would be a ticketing challenge for most teams, but the Habs should be fine with what they represent. Despite this, the team found a unique way to make the partisan experience even better.

CH has developed “The Bell Escape of the Canadiens”, a game that brings together four supporters who have to find their place in an escape game concept. The peculiarity is that they will do it in front of 21,000 spectators. In fact, the fans present can follow all the action on the big screen.

The end of the course will be in the middle of the first period, where participants will be entitled to prizes and a t-shirt illustrating their success or failure. You are greeted by the crowd.

This is one of the most original concepts we have ever presented in terms of unique experiences created for our fans.

We salute the brave who are increasing that pressure to solve an escape game – in front of the spectators – before heading to their seat. – France Margaret Bélanger, President, Sport and Entertainment, Groupe CH

Obviously it was enough for the jokes on the subject to follow. After all, who wouldn’t want to “escape” from the Bell Center during CH performances…

However, the player’s joke goes to Sports Illustrated contributor Michael Farber, who poked fun at Jeff Petry.

The Canadian announced that a new escape room will be installed at Bell Center, which could have been useful to Jeff Petry last season. – Michael Farber

For those interested, a very limited number of tickets with access to the game will be sold, others will be offered on social networks.


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