Alphonso Davies shirts removed from shelves?

A cold has caught on between the Canadian Football Association and its young star Alphonso Davies, whose agent would now prevent the sale of his jerseys in the colors of the maple leaf.

In a statement to the TSN network, Nick Huoseh said he had asked Canada Soccer to stop selling his client’s jerseys from the organization through their website and the Fanatics company. The 21-year-old’s representative argues that the athletes should receive a share of the profits from the sale of their jerseys.

“National team players have never received royalties on shirt sales and they should. We only want what is right and they absolutely can and must do it,” Huoseh said in an interview with Canadian media on Friday.

Davies is one of the most popular players in the country. The FC Bayern Munich star is largely responsible for Canada’s qualification for the World Cup, which begins in a month’s time. However, Canada Soccer has not negotiated its image rights, Huoseh insists.

The latter is said to have turned down in August Davies – along with three other members of the men’s and women’s national teams – to take part in a Gatorade promotional campaign. He would have explained to Canada Soccer that only companies with which his client has personal agreements could use his image.

The Canadian side has had dealings with Nike and Bank of Montreal (BMO) for several years.

Negotiations are said to be ongoing between the Davies clan and the association, but also between Canada Soccer and the Association of Players of the National Men’s Soccer Team, a group newly formed in August.

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