After two months, “the Queen of Canada” leaves the village of Richmound

Canada’s self-proclaimed Queen Romana Didulo and her group left the village school building in Richmound, Saskatchewan after a two-month stay. This woman is known for her affiliation with the QAnon movement.

Richmound Mayor Brad Miller said the cult left the scene early Wednesday.

Earlier this week, thanks to videos circulating on the Telegram application, villagers discovered that the group had placed a heater far too close to a propane tank.

According to the mayor, this constitutes a violation of fire safety regulations.

Village officials then sent a fire chief, a building inspector and a law enforcement officer to the school Wednesday, but members of the group prevented them from entering the building, according to Brad Miller.

However, he adds that Romana Didulo and her subjects began piling their belongings into their vehicles and left the school shortly after.

They immediately started scurrying around like little chickens. They went crazy and started preparing their RVs or trailershe says.

However, the group didn’t get very far, 11 kilometers from the village of Richmound.

According to Brad Miller, members of this group settled in the rural community Fox Valley, on unused agricultural land, with the permission of the owner.

Mr. Miller says he is relieved by the departure of Romana Didulo and her group, but he doesn’t want to declare victory too quickly.

It’s a feeling of relief. You don’t know this feeling without having experienced such events. However, they are only 11 kilometers away from here. We continue to work on getting rid of them. I don’t care where they are: they have to gohe says.

Meanwhile, the owner of the old Richmound School who invited Romana Didulo to live there, Ricky Manz, did not appear in court Thursday to answer an assault charge.

According to the court registry, an arrest warrant was issued against Ricky Manz. The Saskatchewan Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said the man had not been arrested as of Friday.

Two stormy months

The cult moved to Richmound, Saskatchewan on September 15, and its members soon began following the village’s residents to film videos of some of them.

Brad Miller says these behaviors have caused villagers stress and anxiety and affected their mental health.

Members of the group also sent formal communications to the residents and threatened to do so execute publicly if they didn’t respect that Queen’s decrees.

On October 14, Richmound residents demonstrated and demanded the group leave the village.

Brad Miller claims members of the group have since stopped filming residents. However, he adds that he and a member of the local council received formal communications last week. However, no threats were made against them.

Meanwhile, according to Miller, the village of Richmound is looking for legal means to get rid of Romana Didulo and her group for good.

With information from Laura Sciarpelletti

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