After the passports, queues for a social security card

After delays in issuing passports this spring and summer, Service Canada is admitting these lines continue to cause problems in some places while there is an influx of foreign students who require a SIN to work in the country.

Karan Bhardwaj stood in line with hundreds of others outside a Service Canada office in Brampton, a Toronto suburb, for four hours Thursday morning in the rain.

The Indian student had been there since 5am. He claims he would have had to wait a month to get his Social Security card if he had applied online instead of in person.

Inflation continues to rise. We need to find work to pay the expenses and I can’t wait a month before I start working. »

A quote from Indian student Karan Bhardwaj

please be patient

In a statement, Employment and Social Development Canada says it expects applications to increase SIN at this time, as every year with the arrival of foreign students.

Spokeswoman Maja Stefanovska says employees are working overtime and weekends to reduce wait times.

For the social security card, it stipulates that applicants who submit their documents online can start gainful employment before they receive a confirmation letter by post, which can take up to 15 working days.

According to Service Canada, approximately 95% of applications are processed in 10 days or less. If the application is rejected, the person will be informed of the further procedure by email or post.

Regarding passports, Service Canada says it has hired more than 800 additional staff since May to deal with wait times that are still “unusual”, admits Ms Stefanovska.

Service Canada is evaluating and implementing all possible options to expedite the submission and processing of applications and to help Canadians receive their passports in a timely mannerShe says.

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