Actors’ strike in Hollywood: Aaron Paul of “Breaking Bad” is outraged that he has not received royalties

As actor and writer strikes continue to bring Hollywood to a standstill, the actor who plays Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad is urging streaming platforms to pay artists to re-air a work.

‘Breaking Bad’ co-star Aaron Paul has joined the discontent of the actors who are currently on strike in Hollywood. In a video by Entertainment Tonight Canada, the actor expressed outrage that he didn’t get paid a single dollar to (re)air Breaking Bad on Netflix. Like the other strikers, he is demanding that streaming services pay royalties to artists.

“To be honest, I’m not getting anything from Netflix for Breaking Bad, and that sounds crazy to me. The series will live forever on these streaming services. There are waves, but I saw the other day that Breaking Bad was trending on Netflix. I mean, it just makes so much sense… And a lot of these streamers know they’re falling through the cracks by not paying people properly. But now it’s time to checkout. That’s one of the things we’re fighting for,” he added.

His partner on the series, Bryan Cranston, is also present at the picket line and also demands that the platforms’ compensation be negotiated. “We don’t make enemies of them. They’re not bad boys. These are people we will all work with again at some point. We just want them to see the reality,” Walter White’s interpreter said.

For now, the demands have not met and the double strike movement — a first launched in May by the screenwriters and a second in July by the actors and actresses at the call of their powerful SAG-AFTRA union — continues to cripple Hollywood.

With a few exceptions, all American productions are still on hold indefinitely, upsetting the release schedule for films and series, those still in the making, but also forcing festivals and awards shows to hand out accolades like the Emmy to review their programs.

In addition to the distribution of streaming income, the strikers are demanding better remuneration for the studios and monitoring of the use of artificial intelligence.

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