According to doctors, delays in inserting the IUD lead to unwanted pregnancies

DR Renée Hall states that there has been a delay in scheduling appointments at the Vancouver clinic since April 1st pasture, of which she is co-director, was cut from two weeks to two months. She adds that other clinics in British Columbia have reported similar wait times.

More and more patients are turning to women’s clinics for such services, and demand has increased since April, says the doctor, who is also the medical director of women’s services at Kelowna General Hospital.

I am very happy that contraception is free. However, to improve access, it is not enough to put a free IUD in a box, it must also be taken out of the box and inserted into the woman’s uterus. »

A quote from renee hall, Co-Director of the Willow Clinic and Medical Director of Women’s Services at Kelowna General Hospital

DR lobby She says she has seen patients who came in for an IUD and discovered they were pregnant. Other patients sought abortion services, she said, after becoming pregnant on a waiting list.

We fear this will happen more frequently as our waiting lists for Spiral deployments across the province continue to grow.She says.

According to her, an appointment to insert an IUD usually lasts between five and thirty minutes.

She believes that funding for women’s health services and contraceptives should be increased and that more doctors should be trained to provide these services.

In a statement, the Ministry of Health says it is aware of the problem of increased demand for the introduction of IUDs.

We actively participate in the discussion [les associations] Doctors of BC And BC General Practitioners to work together on a solutionhe says, adding that he focuses on training, recruiting and retaining health workers.

As of April 1, several prescription birth control methods, including the IUD, are covered by health insurance in British Columbia. These include hormonal and oral contraceptives, injections and intrauterine devices such as the IUD and the morning-after pill.

According to the broadcast On the coast

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