A Ukrainian refugee in Saskatchewan shares his new life on TikTok | war in Ukraine

Since moving to Saskatchewan last May, the social network has become a haven from stress for Andrian Makhnachov. Since then, the 19-year-old has been sharing his everyday life in Canada via this social network, three months after the outbreak of war in his country.

It really helps me not to get angry about what is happening in my countryhe says. It’s like a distraction and I really like seeing a lot of comments and a lot of views.

After arriving in Regina, he created his TikTok account to overcome loneliness and keep in touch with his homeland.

entertainment and discovery

His posts get a lot of reactions and reach millions of views. To date, Andrian Makhnachov has more than 166,000 subscribers on his account.

The young influencer published 73 videos by September 2nd with a total of millions of views and more than 4 million interactions.

In one of his videos, he compares the water resistance of a Canadian dollar bill to a hryvnia bill, the Ukrainian currency. This sequence has over 11.6 million views.

When I touched this paper I saw it was plastic and I was told I could put it in water, I filmed it and it went very viral.

With so many videos, comedy sketches and other content, the viral power of the platform allows him to share his Canadian experience.

His videos documented on his Tik Tok account include: potato chips with ketchup, a Tim Hortons double double, a poutine and a discovery that surprised him, pizza with perogie.

I was expecting something odd to see perogie in a pizzahe says. When I opened the box it looked really delicious and it really tastes like Ukrainian pizza.

Son of a Canadian dream

Andrian Makhnachov lives in Regina with his family. The young person wants to continue his adventures on TikTok and plans to go to university in parallel.

For now, he wants to improve his English skills to better integrate into his new life in Canada, especially Saskatchewan.

With information from Wendyam Valentin Compaoré

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