A tampon that can detect sexually transmitted diseases? Yes, it exists

A screening package for papilloma viruses (HPV) coming soon? | Viktoria Slowikowska via Pexels

Founded in 2017The British company Daye offers gynecological health products, some of which are intended for use during periods. On his official website, in addition to more classic products, you can also find balms and periodic tampons with CBD. But the London start-up apparently didn’t want to stop there.

The site Gizmodo stops indeed, to the relatively recent marketing of a new Daye-branded item in the United Kingdom (subject to its imminent launch in the European Union and the United States). This is a self-testing system for major sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that uses… tampons.

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A year ago, the company first launched a range of tampons that could help analyze the composition of the vaginal microbiome, i.e. all the bacteria and microbes of all kinds that may be present in this area. The observed abnormalities could then be associated with the presence of mycosis or other bacterial vaginosis.

All in one

Daye has just stepped up a gear and offered a new product for self-testing, but with a much wider reach. His STI kit can detect five of the most commonly observed infections: chlamydia, gonorrhea, Trichomoniasis, Mycoplasma genitalium And Ureaplasma urealyticum. The only problem: It’s not really cheap (99 pounds sterling for a single test, so around 114 euros).

The test can be done at home by inserting a swab, which is then sent to a laboratory, which provides results within five to 10 days. The technology used is the same as the self-tests we have so often…

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