A suspicious white powder in a candy

A citizen noticed a suspicious white powder in a candy. (Photo Pexels)

A citizen of the city of Sainte-Catherine noticed a white powder, the nature of which is currently unknown, in a candy in a candy bag, the Roussillon Intercommunal Police Department said in a Facebook publication. The candy package was confiscated and sent to a Health Canada laboratory to determine the substance.

The event would have occurred in the area of ​​Jacques-Cartier, Montcalm, Champlain, Lévis and de Maisonneuve streets.

The Roussillon police officers received the citizen’s call on the evening of November 3rd. So they showed up at a residential building after discovering a bag of candy that looked suspicious.

The bag was apparently then opened and closed again, the police say.

The Roussillon Intercommunal Police Department asks citizens to pay particular attention to their children’s sweets, which are collected on the affected streets.

An investigation is still ongoing.

Any information regarding this event can be reported to the duty lieutenant at 450 638-0911, extension 615. To submit information anonymously, individuals may contact 450 638-0911, extension 777.

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