A successful collaboration for LG2 and the National Bank

The collaboration, which began at the beginning of 2023, brings together the… National Bank And LG2 will continue on the basis of shared values ​​and ambitions. Thanks to a creative and shared business vision, major projects could be realized. Anchored in the continuity of the image of National BankThree main campaigns have emerged: financial autonomy for women, the emancipation of Generation Z and partnership with Tennis Canada.

LG2 has proven to be a strategic and creative partner of first choice. Our shared vision in terms of values ​​and business was and is the foundation of our relationship. “Our close collaboration has made it possible not only to adequately convey the values ​​that the bank holds dear, but also to accelerate our impact in the community and demonstrate the commitment of our employees,” explains Paula BadranVice President, Brand, National Bank from Canada.

“The bank is an agile and dynamic institution that is looking forward and building on its successes. The aim of our initial mandates was to ensure some continuity, update the messaging and increase the appeal of the brand. So we’ve focused on building a dialogue with Canadians about finance. It was a real partnership work with the teams National Bank“, explained Marilou AubinPartner, Vice President Creation, LG2.

The bank’s mission is to have a positive impact on people’s lives. This was reflected in various campaigns, starting with investors, an initiative to raise awareness of gender inequality when it comes to money. Although money is not gender specific, 63% of Canadian women say they are stressed about financial decisions, while only 46% of men say the same.1. Additionally, only 28% of women feel confident investing their money2. There National Bank therefore underlined this gap with an impressive observation: The word “investeuse”, the feminine form of investor, is rarely recognized by word processing programs. The general public was encouraged to use this word and talk about it on social media so that it became part of everyday vocabulary. Finally, this National Bank invited Canadian women to a conference, Dare to investan exchange platform to give women the tools that lead to financial autonomy, concrete means to achieve this.

Always with the goal of continuing the conversation about finances National Bank looked at Generation Z, an ambitious youth full of projects who want to take control of their finances. In order to initiate and maintain dialogue with this generation and, above all, to demonstrate the positive effects of good financial management, a major 360-degree offensive was launched. This multi-implementation campaign, which included a communication platform with a refreshing tone and image, was available on television, local displays as well as a key digital component, which notably included the launch of a TikTok account. Finally, partnerships with events like Piknic Électronik in Montreal have supported this effort.

After all, the summer season was all about the partnership with Tennis Canada. To raise national awareness of the bank’s commitment to the sport, a campaign and driving image was created that clearly depicts the partnership. The offensive goes far beyond traditional sports promotion by merely associating the brand and encapsulates the promise of National Bank To make tennis more accessible for everyone.

Customer: National Bank from Canada
Agency: LG2
Partners: Omnicom, Vibrant and Adviso

1 Investing in Women: How Brands Can Close the Gender Gap in Finance and Wealth, May 2022.
2 The Pathway to Inclusive Investment, BNY Mellon Investment Management, February 2022.

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