A new walk-in clinic opens its doors in Sainte-Agathe | Radio-Biblio: Wings for our region

The approximately 637 residents of Sainte-Agathe, Manitoba are hosting their first walk-in clinic.

The new clinic is located next to the village pharmacy at 165 Pembina Road.

Good news for residents like Rita Robert. I am very happy. I just needed a doctor because I went somewhere else. I told myself I’ll try my luckshe said, looking forward to meeting the newly qualified doctor.

Dr. Warnakulasooriya Rivi, who works, among other things, in the clinic’s emergency room Pembina Medical Clinic, in Winnipeg can treat patients with fever or other minor health problems every Friday afternoon from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

I can consult people who come with all kinds of emergencies and direct them to the right places. I have experience in emergency services, which can be helpfulstates the doctor.

The initiative was made possible by pharmacist Mira Behera, who provided the framework and medical equipment. It was a bit difficult to find this doctor but we tried our best and finally found itShe says.

There are very few doctors accepting new patients, but people want a doctor close to home, especially the elderly.

Anyone who would like to can come to the new clinic by appointment at 204 882-2575 or without an appointment.

A plus for the community

Apart from Dr. Paul de Moissac, who comes to the Sainte-Agathe health center once a month, the residents cannot remember ever having a doctor in the village.

The coordinator of the Sainte Agathe Health Center, Lynne Robert, considers the arrival of a new doctor to be a plus. Dr. de Moissac is already very busy and is no longer accepting new patientsShe explains.

The health center will not be closed, specifies Lynne Robert, who confides that some people have expressed their concerns to her. She added that the arrival of a new doctor would be beneficial to the community. The walk-in clinic won’t really change anything for usshe closes.

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