A new program from Ottawa, but for a fraction of travelers

The new program, called Verified Traveller, must be in place at these airports by June 21.

Children and seniors 75 and older traveling with eligible people can also use the fast lane, but not the tens of millions of other travelers.

Federal Transport Minister Omar Alghabra, still defending the initiative.

[Si certains passagers peuvent passer plus vite à la sécurité]This increases efficiency for other travelers. »

A quote from Omar Alghabra, Canadian Minister of Transport

The federal government has not quantified the expected reduction in waiting times.

Limited Eligibility

Nexus, a Canada-US paid program for pre-approved frequent travelers, has about 1.7 million members, according to the government. In comparison, Toronto’s Pearson Airport alone handled 35.6 million travelers in 2022, according to its website.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Minister Alghabra called the figure of 1.7 million Nexus cardholders “a big number” and added that their children and relatives would also be eligible for the new scheme.

However, he hopes more passengers will choose the Nexus card, noting that thanks to the new “Verified Traveler” program, cardholders will no longer have to take their laptops and liquids out of their bags or take off their shoes at security checkpoints . “.

He adds that Ottawa is “assessing” the possibility of expanding the initiative, but hasn’t released any further details at this time.

A program like in the US?

Last March, the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) and business leaders went public demanding a trustworthy travel program that is open to the general public Check in advance (pre-verification) in the United States.

However, US travelers must register and provide their fingerprints to participate.

On Tuesday, GTAA organization’s Karen Mazurkewich said she expects Ottawa’s new program “in return” will help reduce the wait time at security for all travelers.

However, she added that the airport authority “looks forward to the eligibility”. [au programme] to be expanded”.

For his part, Minister Alghabra says he believes airports are ready for the busy summer season and that last year’s summer disruptions can be avoided.

Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) President Nada Semaan adds that the agency is currently exceeding its recruitment targets. I touch woodShe says. It bodes well for the summer.

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