A complicated relationship between Canada and its Queen

If you want to pay for a cure queen detox,” you’ll have to cross the Atlantic, towards Quebec. On the day of Elizabeth II’s death, the French-speaking province’s tributes to the Queen of Canada were rather lukewarm. Some even risked a little respectful humor.

“How many postage stamps flanked by his bust have been printed since his accession to the throne in 1952? Altogether, if we add up the various impressions of these little jagged stamps, we must consider that Canadian languages ​​will have licked the back of millions of Her Majesty’s stamps.joked Montreal’s “Le Devoir,” before remembering it for the longest with glee “Domination of Canada” was not that of Elizabeth II, but that of “Louis XIV (1643-1715), aged seventy-two”. N / A !

Let’s not exaggerate. Elizabeth II was a popular queen among Canadians. Last April, in a poll by Angus Reid, 63% were positive. Charles III? That will be a different matter. In the same poll, the crown prince was only popular with 29% of Canadians, compared to 60% for his son William.

Elizabeth II, Queen of a Century

Worse still, 58% of respondents said they wanted to sever ties with the British monarchy, compared to just 24% for the status quo – a drop of 16% in five years. The coup de grace: Only 5% believed the royal family embodied modern values,

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