A belated return for Logan Mailloux

Montreal Canadiens prospect Logan Mailloux is still not fully recovered from the shoulder surgery he underwent last April and could miss the entire London Knights training camp.

Ontario Hockey League (OHL) team general manager Mark Hunter mentioned it daily. The London Free PressFriday.

“He can only train at the moment,” he explained. His surgeon doesn’t want him to take part in exercises with teammates.

The former CH 2021 first-round pick has not seen any action since injuring his shoulder in a fight on March 6. He recently participated in off-ice activities at Habs Development Camp.

“He’ll come back sooner or later,” Hunter said. He will not play a preparatory game. After that, as his surgeon said, when he feels ready and has regained all his strength, he will play.

“We don’t have the time. It’s a long season.”

Mailloux, 19, will try to convince Montreal staff to offer him an entry deal this season. After serving his OHL suspension in 2021-2022, he only played 12 games before finding himself bottomed out. He had looked good in that short streak, scoring three goals and nine points.

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