47th Annual General Meeting of Hockey Quebec

MONT-SAINTE-ANNE, June 3, 2023. The 47the The Hockey Quebec Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Saturday, June 3rd in Mont-Sainte-Anne. This year the annual general meeting was of particular importance, as numerous changes to the administrative and general regulations of the association were decided.

Several changes resulting from the review of our governance carried out in collaboration with BNP Performance have been adopted in terms of the roles, length of mandates and origins of the members of the Board of Directors. From now on, the federation can set up nominating committees, so people outside the federation can submit their names to join the board.

“These changes, which meet the governance criteria required by the Department, are excellent news and a major step forward for our organization. Not only will they ensure our succession and the survival of the federation, but they will also allow us to integrate skills from different backgrounds, which will be a key asset for Quebec Ice Hockey leadership. »

– Claude Fortin, President of the Federation

“Because they are fundamental to the advancement of our sport, we would like to say a big thank you to all our members who have embraced these changes. These new directions will positively impact our work and help usher our Federation into a new era. »

– Jocelyn Thibault, general manager of Hockey Quebec

CLICK HERE consult the association’s annual report 2022-2023

During the day on Saturday, several speakers were present to present the federation’s new vision and the results of recent studies on the ecosystem of Quebec ice hockey.

Accompanied by Hockey Quebec General Manager Jocelyn Thibault, Professor François Normandin (HEC Montréal) presented the main conclusions of the Hockey Québec business model review, carried out at the request of the association last spring. By relying on it Business Model Canvas by Osterwalder & Pigneur (2010), Mr. Normandin presented his key conclusions on the federation’s value proposition and the key gears (customer segments, distribution channels, activities, resources, etc.) of Hockey Quebec’s business model.

During the second presentation of the day Mrs. Esther Tranchemontagne of BNP Philanthropic Performance demonstrated the work report resulting from the analysis and review of the governance of Hockey Québec.

HEC Montréal professor Mr. Sylvain Audette was also there to present the results of the behavioral study he was leading. The event was attended by both active members and some members who had left the sport of ice hockey. In addition to data on satisfaction with the Quebec ice hockey experience, this study helps identify the factors that encourage players, their parents and coaches to play ice hockey and, conversely, those that encourage them to quit our sport.

Finally one of the most influential people in the world of sports in Canada, Olympian Dominick Gauthier held a conference on the changes needed to cope with the new erathe theme of Hockey Québec’s 47th Annual General Meeting.

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