2 restaurants in Montreal are among the best in Canada

Well, my dear Montreal foodies, hold on to your forks because today we have something that will make you jump for joy (or at least hunger). The twinkling lights of Montreal have once again lit up the Canadian food scene, and this time they’re shining brighter than ever. Air Canada has released its ranking of the best restaurants of Canada, and guess what? Two of our culinary treasures in Montreal have managed to establish themselves in the top 10. Yes, you read that right, Montreal is conquering the world of flavors, one bite at a time!

Take Bonheur d’Ocasion, for example, which proudly occupies 6th place in this gourmet ranking. Located in the Saint-Henri district, this little gem of a restaurant hides its talent well. Imagine cuisine that dances to the rhythm of the seasons, local produce that puts on a show, and seasonal cocktails that tell you stories about fruits and vegetables. freshly picked herbs. All in one such a warm and relaxed atmosphere as a Sunday morning brunch.

At Bonheur d’Occasion, every visit is a unique adventure, a surprise feast for your palate, a romantic rendezvous with culinary creativity. The chef, a true alchemist of taste, transforms local products into taste masterpieces, and every dish is special Love letter to Quebec gastronomy. Whether you are a seafood lover, a dedicated carnivore or an informed vegetarian, this restaurant will tempt you. The desserts? A delicious icing on the cake. Happiness on Occasion is happiness in its purest form, served at every table.

But wait, the gastronomic adventure doesn’t end here because we have another hidden treasure up our sleeves, the Molière of Mousso, which proudly rises to 8th place in the ranking. This restaurant is the incarnation of the French touch, with a touch of Montreal-style sophistication. If you thought you knew everything about French cuisine, think again.

In Molière by Mousso, the French classics are reinterpreted courageous and respects the essence of tradition. Simple dishes are hidden well-kept culinary secrets, with perfectly mastered sauces, vegetables prepared like works of art and proteins that deserve a standing ovation. Forget everything you thought you knew about omelettes and gratin dauphinois, because here they’re reinvented with a touch of culinary magic.

The chef at Molière by Mousso is a true master, juggling flavors and textures to create a gastronomic experience that awakens all the senses. There The wine list is equally impressiveand offers an exquisite selection for every dish. The elegant ambience and attentive service will make you feel like an honored guest, making this restaurant a must-visit for French cuisine lovers.

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