ded the standard of the promotion of silver Cisco Business Value Specialist village Xiao Jun some do not understand. Promotion of silver, you need to have three hundred gods of God, of which at least 50 people are the middle Cisco Certification of God of War, and at least one late God of War. And in front of these people, there is no late war gods, but only less than two hundre. d days of God of War God, God of War is also less than fifty, but it is too much difference with the rumors. Opposite the people shouted against you a little black iron village only, we family is enough, to too many people, afraid you guys are not enough points ah. Xun village is a bronze village, in order to maintain this identity, has not been promoted to the late Ares, which also led to the entire village, the middle of the war gods too many people, who is not satisfied who, then divided into three forces. In front of this person, is among the village, one of the three forces of the family leader, Sika. And He Weiya cut Cisco Business Value Specialist it exam off the hands of the wins, that is his nephew. Huan vill

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810-403 Selling Business Outcomes Cisco Cisco Business Value Specialist