God mid CASP it exam level master, plus a super late master, can not win each other. Moreover, Xiao Jun Ming can see, this mad war disciples now also occupy the upper hand. Roar. A roar, mad war, the disciples CompTIA Certification facing the other four super gods in the middle of the joint attack. , do not just flash not rushed past. Be careful. Super God late master immediately reminded. But still late. Four mid term joint blow in the mad door disciples who bombed, directly to the side of the fried flesh and blood to the side of the blurred But the other regardless of regardless, with another good arm, directly toward the other side of one of the head waving past. Bang is heard, brains splash. That super God hit the middle of a dead can not die again. Do not fight with him, to your attack, this guy did not die. Super God quickly followed up, you want to use the attack to force each other on the other three companions to kill. But even if he is still not a mad war disciples of the opponent. CASP The first two positive collision, obviously repair a high level of supe

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CAS-002 CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) CompTIA CASP